The Breath that Moves the Branches

by The Breath that Moves the Branches

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Recorded the 3rd and 4th of july 2013


released July 9, 2013

Adrian Lee Manges
Eyra Ellington Allen Lucas



all rights reserved


The Breath that Moves the Branches Michigan


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Track Name: Stormy Winter Grey
Stormy winter grey
fall asleep and now im dreaming
of a summer day
with skys of blue and golden sun

falling of the rain between the leaves of the trees
makes the grass grow to my knees
and when the light dims with setting of the sun
this dream will fade away
my summer love will turn to grey

this is for my only sun
shine light on everyone
star of mine in my eye
bring love to all mankind

all i know

i spin around the sun and all these seasons fade away
all is nothing everything was easier yesterday
spin around the world and now I'm back again
still waking up is so hard to do
Track Name: Quicksand Medicine
They're holding her up, by weakened arms
eyes falling
no ones coming back now
kill yourself and lose your friends
we just want to dream
i would call for help, if i thought they would answer
to live this life of tragedy all alone
Can this be my home?
This cant, no this cant be
We just Want to Dream
We just Want to Dream
Track Name: DayGlow
this is my dayglow
i see my day go away
goes away leaving nighttime
starry skies at night a moon a rise i know that all my dreams and sorrows are nothing
this is my dayglow
Track Name: PreacherMan
Preacher dont tell me one more lie
i got the blood in my veins and wine on my mind
who are you to be listening to
fool like you will only bring us the blues
and i said
what about the whiskey
what about the weed
coffee and cigarettes is all that i need
and he said
god and jesus will lend you their hand
if only if only you do as i command
well fuck that.

the preacher tells you keep your hand to yourself
but I'm smilin at her thinkin of somthin else
and i believe in peace and love
and all the days and nights to come

this was meant for all you lonesome sinners
lookin for the light
well that aint god is just sunshine
blah blah blah blah blah hes talkin to himself
beneath the steeple steeple some may listen others turn and
i know i know in know we aint got eternal sin
born into the world we are living
Track Name: These Cracked Sidewalks and Snowy Flakes
My nightmares were about you
The memory that is born ceaselessly
and changes its shape...
The obstructed
the co owner of my memory
just tear us apart and dig inside
see if you can find the genetic code of our souls
But where was I? And where were you?
my friends are all dying. And I'll die too.
This broken glass, shows us who we are
let your tears empty into my hands
i will hold them
These cracked sidewalks and snowy flakes
don't seem to judge us
let your dreams freeze with the trees
They'll protect them.
Track Name: Sit Around a Little Longer
Sit around a little longer baby and waste your time
got me feelin like im gunna git a gun and load it
go out and waste the whole damn town yeah
didn't get along with them anyhow....